Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wild rice salad

A few weeks ago while I was shopping in Selfridges I discovered a healthy wild rice salad with low GI and a bought a big pot... Yes I ate it all the same evening. Since then I kept telling myself I have to recreate the salad as I had a pack of Canadian Riz Sauvage sitting in my cupboards but I couldn't be bothered to be honest... till last night.
I kept thinking what to do for my vegan Sunday and voila the fab salad popped in mind.

You will need 
1 cup of wild rice 
1/2 cup chickpeas 
a few grilled artichokes ( I had a pack of char grilled artichokes in virgin olive oil in the fridge about 180gr ) 
a few leafs of parsley 
salt and pepper

I soaked the rice and the chickpeas in separate bowls for about 2 h ( enough to take my cycling class and do some shopping) then boiled them in separate sauce pans for about 25-30 min on medium low heat. They have to be cooked but still firm. 

Drain the water and let it cool in a salad bowl. When they are room temperature add the salt and pepper, the parsley and the chargrilled artichokes. For the dressing I used the olive oil from the artichokes ( about 2 tbsp) and a splash of lemon juice.
You can enjoy it on its own or as a side dish or why not as a simple salad. It's delicious, low carb, healthy and easy to make. 

Try it and leg me know what you think. Enjoy xxx 

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