Thursday, 30 May 2013

Delicious Berry Panna Cotta

Delicious and easy to make mixed berry panna cotta recipe for those "not in the mood " rainy days. I started my morning trying to bake french macarons ( the healthy low carb version ofc ) but they weren't very pretty :) so by the time I got back from the gym I lost my motivation in trying again but instead I ended up making panna cotta some of the ingredients being the left overs from the No Bake Summer Cake .

The result was incredibly tasty, creamy and most of all sugar free :) 

Ingredients for the panna cotta :
  • 300 ml of whipping cream
  • 250 ml milk skimmed or full fat( I made mine it out of 0% fat milk powder as I didn't have fresh)
  • 1 tsp madagascar vanilla paste 
  • 2-3 tbsp of raw agave nectar  or any sweetener to taste( run out of sweetener in my macaron atempt :) )
  • 25 gr powder gelatine ( divided used some for the berry sauce)
Ingredients for the berry sauce :
  • 180-200 gr mixed berry 
  • 2 tbsp agave nectar or sweetener of choice
  • 1/2 madagascar vanilla paste 
  • 2 tbsp french brandy 
First of all pour the gelatine powder in a small bowl and cover it with cold water and leave to soak.

In a sauce pan add al the ingredients for the berry sauce and let it simmer until it gets the consistency of a sauce . Take another sauce pan add all the ingredients of the panna cotta and heat gently on low heat until hot. Very important don't boil the mixture.

Meanwhile prepare 4 ramekins or recipients of your choice and grease them with a neutral flavour oil. I used a tissue dipped in coconut oil. Take some of the soaked gelatine ( I used about 1/4 of it as the cream mix is by far bigger in volume ) and add it to the warm berry sauce and stir until dissolved. Add the remaining gelatine to the cream mix and stir. 

Pour the berry sauce in the ramekins and put them in the freezer. This will prevent the 2 liquids to mix. When they look firm after about 5-7 min add the cream mixture. Don't pour it but add it gently with a spoon. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Before serving I used a small knife to get it out but later on I used a hairdryer to heat the ramekin so the coconut oil will melt and release the panna cotta so therefore the result was better than in the picture ( taken of the knife attempt ).

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